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Zohydro ER | Hydrocodone bitartrate extended release capsules 

Medication Class: Opioid analgesic
Manufacturer: Zogenix, Inc.
Approval Date: October 25, 2013

What is Zohydro ER 

Zohydro ER contains hydrocodone which is a strong, long-acting narcotic pain reliever similar to oxycodone (Oxycontin), fentanyl, and morphine. It binds to opiate receptors in the central nervous system (CNS) including brain and spinal cord to alter how the body responds to pain.

What is Zohydro ER used for

Zohydro is an oral prescription medication used to treat constant pain. This drug is only approved for very severe and long-term pain that cannot be relieved by other drugs.

How well does Zohydro ER work

In a clinical study of Zohydro ER in 302 subjects with moderate to severe chronic low back pain treatment with Zohydro ER showed at least a 30% greater improvement in pain intensity as compared to placebo (67.5% vs. 31.1%) after 12 weeks.

What are interesting facts about Zohydro ER

  • Zohydro ER is a schedule II controlled medication. It is the first extended-release hydrocodone formulation that does not contain acetaminophen.
  • Zohydro ER is not used as needed like other hydrocodone-containing products.
  • It is equal to oxycodone and methadone in strength.
  • Zohydro ER is has a high abuse potential, just like oxycodone and other opioids, and there are petitions for the FDA to withdraw it from the market.
  • There is currently no generic version of Zohydro ER in the United States.

What is the dosage of Zohydro ER

Zohydro ER is available in strengths of 10 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg, 30 mg, 40 mg and 50 mg capsules.

Capsules should be swallowed whole with a lot of water every 12 hours. Do not chew, break, crush or dissolve before swallowing.

Start with 10 mg every 12 hours and increase by 10 mg every 12 hours every 3 to 7 days to achieve adequate pain control.

Zohydro ER may be taken with or without food at the same time of day. Take with food if stomach upset occurs.

What are the side effects of Zohydro ER

Constipation (If you do not have a bowel movement for 3 days, contact your doctor).


Drowsiness (Do not drive or operate dangerous machinery)





Abdominal pain

Zohydro ER may cause dangerous breathing problems. If you have slow or trouble breathing, seek medical care right away.

Zohydro ER exposes patients to the risks of abuse and addiction. Due to its formulation, abuse of this product can include crushing, chewing, snorting, or injecting, which may result in severe overdose or death. All patients should be monitored for signs of abuse, addiction, and misuse. Suddenly stopping Zohydro ER after long periods of usage may cause serious withdrawal symptoms. Using this drug during pregnancy for a long time may cause the baby to become dependent and experience life threatening withdrawal symptoms.

Zohydro ER Drug Interactions

Zohydro ER should not be taken with inhibitors of liver enzymes (e.g., atazanavir, bromocriptine, chloramphenicol, clarithromycin) that decrease breakdown of hydrocodone. Such combinations may result in large increases in drug concentration of hydrocodone leading to increased side effects.

Zohydro ER should not be taken with drugs (e.g., phenytoin, rifapentine, rifabutin) that increase the breakdown of hydrocodone in the liver. Such combinations may decrease blood levels and effects of hydrocodone.

Zohydro ER should not be taken with some drugs that affect the brain (e.g., alprazolam diazepam, zolpidem) or alcohol. Such combinations may intensify the effects of hydrocodone leading to decreased rate of breathing, low blood pressure, sedation or death.

Zohydro ER should not be taken with buprenorphine, butorphanol, nalbuphine, or pentazocine. Such combinations may decrease the pain relieving effect of Zohydro ER.

Taking Zohydro ER within 14 days with certain drugs such as phenelzine, selegiline, rasagiline, tranylcypromine can cause confusion and severe high blood pressure.

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    A nurse reflects how to use a condom at Christa Medical Clinic in Jinja, Uganda. asking for: Lyndal Rowlands/IPS.

    Jinja, UGANDA, Sep 11 2016 (ips) Mambera Hellem tells her friends and neighbours about all forms of birth control, Yet russian chat despite their high HIV risk she knows any number of the women she speaks to will not use condoms.

    When I ask Mambera and her friend Kyolaba Amina whether it’s a woman or a man who decides to wear a condom, Kyolaba giggles softly at my situation,It is hard for a woman to initiate condom use because it will bring about questions of trust, proclaims Mambera. “The man would ask the wife if she doesn’t always trust him,

    Kyolaba though has deeper accusations, Adding that some men “purposely want to infect their wives,

    “i don’t know why men do that but I have seen a case where a woman and a man had discordant (HIV) Results but the man did not require to use condoms because before they were having unprotected sex, so why (definitely) next,

    Kyolaba (abandoned) and moreover Mambera (suitable) Both also speak to men about birth control, But Mambera says that the majority of men are “Not still interested,

    In a country where many myths abound around birth control and their side effects, the most popular forms of contraception for the women in this community aredepo provera “depo” And intrauterine software (IUD) augmentations.

    “You find some women who have children every year, So it is such women we get in touch with, affirms Mambera.

    Some women even prefer IUDs or depo because unlike condoms they can keep them secret to use husbands,And this is not the only aspect of their sex liveswhich women keepsecret, SaysKyolaba:

    “We do chat about HIV and tell the women to go for testing but many women are afraid to tell their husbands about this thing and they do secretly come for testing. Have an illustration of my neighbour who came to the clinic and tested positive but has kept this as a secret, Not told her husband, Because it might lead to violence in the home, she says.

    As I talk with Mambera and Kyolaba in the backyard of the Christa clinic in Jinja, Uganda, A group of women cradling babies on their laps watch as a nurse proves how to use a condom. The clinic serves a poor community near the banks of Lake Victoria and the fundamental cause of the Nile river providing free and low cost family planning services.

    Services honest safe music downloads are patchy at best inUganda which has one of the highest birth rates in the world: The average Ugandan women give birth to six babies during her lifetime.

    Uganda has a birth rate in the top 10 of countries international. financial information: Lyndal Rowlands/IPS.

    diverse, More connected with, Statistic has emerged in Uganda and other countries in Sub Saharan Africa large.

    Young women have grown to be HIV positive much younger than their male peers.

    want she is 21, A young woman in Uganda has a one in ten opportunity of being HIV positive.

    A young woman between your ages of 15 to 24 is more than twice as likely as a young man in the same age range to be HIV positive. as per the latest available statistics from 2011, 4.9 percent of ladies and girls between these ages will be HIV positive, in contrast to only 2.1 per of men, With sharp rises for girls between ages of 15 and 21.

    Without being allowed to influence whether their sexual partner wears a condom, These young ladies have little ability to protect themselves frombecoming HIV positive, Since condoms are the only form of contraception which also protects against sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

    medical professional Akinyele Eric Dairo, Officer in charge of the UN Family Planning Agency, UNFPA, on Uganda, Agrees with Mambera’s findings that women have less influence over condom use than men.

    “When you are looking for condom use, Men have more influence than the ladies, He also told IPS,Condom use brings about a sense of dependence on the part of a woman,

    Dairo addsthat the preference for other forms of contraceptive also reflects young unmarried women’s fears of pregnancy.

    “The effects of being pregnant manifest much faster than the effects of HIV and sexually transmitted infections, he states.

    Catherine a nurse at Jinja word of mouth hospital, Likes to put herself in the shoes of her young those. credit reports: Lyndal Rowlands/IPS.

    in view that Catherine, A nurse at Jinja the hospital puts it: “the major fear is pregnancy, they don’t know that they can get other problems,

    This may in part be because access to antiretroviral treatment hasgreatlyreduced not only the spread of HIV but also the the stigma around the condition. “People are praoclaiming that this is like being diabetic,Catherine informed me.

    Theincreased availability of antiretrovirals has ledto significant progress in fighting against AIDS in Sub Saharan Africa, However this progress could potentiallybe set back if prevention efforts among a demographic as large as adolescent girlscontinue to fail.

    may be whyLoyce Maturi, A 23 years old woman from Zimbabwe who has been HIV positive since she was 16, Was invited to deliver the keynote woman in russian address a high level United Nations meeting on AIDS in New York trapped on video tape.

    “Sharing my story I hope it reflected that as adolescents girls and young women we are vulnerable, for drinking and driving, Most infected and littered with the epidemics than any other age group, said Loyce.

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