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Buy CBD Paste
Below you can Únd all products that contain CBD Paste. CBD Paste is a completely vegetable and natural product. It is a food supplement that can be used for several
complaints and has a beneÚcial eÙect on the body. We oÙer diÙerent types so that you have ample choice and you can order the product that suits you. You can choose from
the best products of MediHemp, Endoca and Medi-Wiet. Check below for the diÙerent types and order quickly and easily.
Buy CBD cream
Below you will Únd all our CBD ointments. CBD ointment is an ointment made of high-quality hemp extract. The presence of the components CBD and CDBA ensure that the
skin ointment provide beneÚcial eÙects to the skin. The ointment can be used for many diÙerent complaints. You can choose among ointments, lip balms, skin oils and cream
of the brands Endoca, Medi-Wiet (Medical Marijuana), Jacob Hooy and Hemptouch. See below our Únest products and order quickly and easily. Our CBD ointments are longlasting,
are economical in use, have a hydrating eÙect and absorb quickly.