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“The world of cannabis oil is a very slippery slope. How is it made, how is it packaged, is it the real deal, is the seller ethical. I can promise you that Online Buds Dispensary is not only ethical, they are motivated by seriously wanting to help people. Every transaction I have had with them has been right on the money, on time, and quality goods. They care, and it shows not only in his products, but in their services. Be very careful who you buy from out there!

So many people are just in it for the money, and could care less that people are suffering. Online Buds Dispensary  is not one of those people and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having found them!”

Susan L.

I just wanted to let you know that your Rick Simpson Oil is an incredible healing substance. I have always speculated it’s benefit, but until now, after actually seeing the results from taking it for 4 months now, I’m happy to say I’m finally coming off the mind-boggling anti-depressants for good and hoping to also stop other medications such as a bad statin drug I ‘have to take’ for high cholesterol. Through my progress I will continue to show my doctor that I do not need man-made damaging chemicals in my body. Due to RSO, the horrible pain I’ve experienced from post-surgery of my left foot/ankle has decreased to only occasional times of discomfort. I am so grateful knowing that your product is pure, safe, natural and efficient.

Seriously, thank you Online Buds Dispensary .

Lesley R.


I highly recommend Online Buds Dispensary , their products and service. The medicine I received was high quality, the customer service and communication were excellent and the shipping was fast. I was looking for honesty, fair prices and reliability.

Thanks Online Buds Dispensary, I’ll be back!

Dr. M.J.W.

Thank you so very much. This oil has been miraculous for me. I have enjoyed a week of playing with my granddaughter and my husband & I have been able to get out on our motorcycle for some awesome trips. I am so very grateful for this medicine and your ability to provide it. You’re a great person.

Tamara N


I have been using the Canatonic oil for the past couple of months. I just had scans and the progression of my cancer seems to have slowed. Where I had 4-5 tumors showing growth, only one tumor showed small growth. I would like to continue this treatment further. I was wondering if you will have any more canatonic available in the near future.

Thank you.

Michelle L.

After experimenting with Medical Marijuana for my severe insomnia, I took a chance on Online Buds Dispensary ‘s oil and as a result I am sleeping through the night without nightmares or apnea! The product is pure, fast delivery, and I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Thank you Online Buds Dispensary !

John G

I would like to tell you that I was very skeptical at first, but you are the real deal, and your product is amazing. Fast shipment, amazing product, quick response and great customer service. Keep doing what your doing sir. I’m sure all of us who contact you are very grateful to have someone like yourself to help us with our ailments.Thank you,

Rick M.

This medicine has worked great for me. I am usually really sick and can’t funtion in the morning. This has helped bring me back to life.

Luke K.

Online Buds Dispensary  is a great shop and very compassionate, they have truly helped me, I have cut way down on my narco MEDS and we all know the damage them things can cause…..thanks a lot Online Buds Dispensary…..

Scott S.

I Love the Oil. I’m definitely going to more purchases from here on out.

Thanks Online Buds Dispensary !

Tyrell H


Thank you Online Buds Dispensary , you have a fantastic product that has tremendously helped my crohn’s.

Metodi B.

Online Buds Dispensary,Thank you for the valuable service you are providing. I had prostate cancer and my PSA dropped 5.8 points with your R.S.O.

Paul F.


Hey Online Buds Dispensary ,

I just wanted to let u know that I got the product on time with no problem and the product is outstanding and that I will be ordering from you again in the near future.